Pindulo Logistics (Pty) Ltd is a vertically integrated logistics solutions provider, specializing in the mining industry. As a new entrant, Pindulo brings innovation and competition to the market, differentiating itself from competitors with its comprehensive range of services, including warehousing, road and rail transportation, stevedoring services, and import/export solutions. Pindulo’s core values of people, innovation, nonpareil, driven, useful, leadership, and ownership inform its commitment to delivering unparalleled service and solutions to its customers. With operations in Namibia, South Africa, and Botswana, Pindulo is positioned to be the leading logistics solutions provider in the region and beyond.


·       People: We prioritize our people and foster a culture of respect, inclusivity, and growth.

·       Innovation: We embrace innovation and continuously seek new and improved logistics solutions for our customers.

·       Nonpareil: We are dedicated to delivering unparalleled service and solutions to our customers.

·       Driven: We are a results-oriented company, striving for success for ourselves and our stakeholders.

·       Useful: We aim to be useful to our customers by providing efficient, reliable, and cost-effective logistics solutions.

·       Leadership: We lead by example, setting high standards for ourselves and inspiring others to do the same.

·       Ownership: We take ownership of our work, our customers’ needs, and our impact on the world.